Christian Graphic Designers

In this directory, we would like to showcase some of the Graphic Designers who have contributed to creating the content here on, as well as Christian Graphic Designers who do graphic work for a living, creating websites, signage, apparel, and more.

Click on each name below to go to the Feature page or website for that designer, where you can view their contact info, portfolio, and more!

Knoll Gilbert – Knoll Gilbert is a brother and friend of mine who has created many designs for me over the years. Not only has he contributed to designs here at 316Quotes, but he has created countless Christian t-shirt designs for C28, NOTW, and others.

Katy McGuffey – Katy McGuffey is the owner of KSM Design Shop and is a photographer, blogger, and graphic designer who creates inspirational hand lettered creations based on faith, family, and more. Katy is a 316Quotes featured contributor. You can also visit her Etsy store here: KSM Design Shop.

Chelsea Stanfel – Chelsea Stanfel is a Brand Designer, Website Designer and Copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their business and make an impact from a place of serving over selling. You can contact Chelsea or view her portfolio at