About 316 Quotes

The mission of 316 Quotes is to create Scripture quote images and Christian quotes that we want people to share on social media, blogs, and more. Although we have a few Christian quotes from select people like C.S. Lewis and Charles Spurgeon, we are focusing the majority of 316 Quotes on Shareable Scripture.

So many people use their technology and social media every day. What a great opportunity for us to grow a movement of Christians who are willing to share the Word with others through digital media.

Bible quote images are certainly not a replacement for a daily devotion in the Word and Prayer. But they can be the right seed at the right time for someone who is struggling or someone who has never been exposed to the Bible.

We would like to ask you to pray for 316 Quotes and bring us the resources to keep our content fresh daily.

Please feel free to use any of our images. If you like, you can mention us in a link back to our site. We would appreciate it.

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